Torras Diamond Series Magsafe Compatible Phone Case for iPhone 15 6.1″ – Clear


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Torras Diamond Series Magsafe Compatible Phone Case for iPhone 15 6.1″ – Clear – X00FX0145
Buy Original and Premium Quality Torras Best Case for iPhone 15 in Pakistan in Lowest Price at Dab Lew Tech, Buy Premium Quality Cases for iPhone !!
Product Features:
The iPhone 15 Case is compatible with all Magnetic accessories and third-party Qi-certified wireless chargers. iPhone 15 magnetic case built-in magnetic ring that aligns perfectly with magnetic chargers, offering a 5X stronger adsorption than official magnetic cases and faster wireless charging. Securely Snap on all wireless chargers. To provide you with a faster, more stable, more secure wireless charging experience.
Thanks to the TORRAS-BACH Magnetic Array, can be firmly attached to the magnetic accessories. After testing, the magnetic strength is 90% higher than other magnetic cases. The TORRAS-BACH Magnetic Array ensures almost 0% power loss when charging wirelessly, making charging faster and safer. The iPhone 15 magnetic case shortens your charging time and further improves your wireless charging experience.
Certified by SGS & ROHS. This iPhone 15 shockproof case has undergone more than 5,000 12FT drop tests with the phone in, and the phone is finally intact. Thanks to the upgraded 3rd gen X-SHOCK 360° lens airbag with a tough PC matte back and soft flexible rubber bumper, it provides a strong buffer to prevent drops. The tiny design of 1.2 mm lips over the camera and 1.0 mm bezels over the screen prevent the screen and camera from dust and scratches.
The iPhone 15 case features skin-friendly and upgraded non-slip textures on the sides. It gives you a velvety touch and better grip. You can feel the high quality and durable material.
TORRAS’s unique separable responsive buttons perfectly restore the experience of the original buttons of the iPhone 15, and you can change the buttons in different colors to make your iPhone unique. Bring you a more pleasant experience.

Why do I buy TORRAS iPhone cases?

TORRAS iPhone Cases have features to make your life more convenient or make using phones more enjoyable. 3X magsafe tech, Ostand or Camera stand, anti-yellowing tech for clear iPhone cases, super shockproof, waterproof, TORRAS iPhone Cases have all of them. While preventing scratches and damage to your new iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max caused by dropped goods and collisions, you can also check files or watch movies without holding or looking down at phones.

How about MagSafe tech? Will my phone fall down?

TORRAS magsafe cases have super strong magsafe to prevent falling down, and they are compatible with all MagSafe accessories, including chargers, car mounts, etc.

How to clean phone cases?

Put the case in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of dish soap, and let it sit there for a while. Use a toothbrush and baking soda to gently scrub the case until all dirt is gone. Apply a magic eraser to any remaining problem areas. With a microfiber towel that has been lightly dampened with dishwater, wipe the phone down.

How about the quality of TORRAS iPhone case?

TORRAS iPhone cases have well-satisfied quality with our tech and strict quality control. The samples have passed hundreds of tests to make sure that they do protect your iPhone.

How about TORRAS Military Grade Protection by shockproof? & Which test TORRAS iPhone cases have passed?

TORRAS iPhone cases are reliable protection against drops up to 3.44m, which is the height of the first floor. Of course, they can function well for the drop-down from 4 feet (pocket height) and 8 feet (car height).
TORRAS iPhone cases are tested by strong shock-absorbing protection (Military Drop Test), magnetic strength, compatibility with wireless charging devices, anti-yellowing, anti-fouling, and anti-scratch tests. We highly recommend you try our cases, you will like them.

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Torras Diamond Series Magsafe Compatible Phone Case for iPhone 15 6.1″ – Clear
Torras Diamond Series Magsafe Compatible Phone Case for iPhone 15 6.1″ – Clear


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