Aiken 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil (10ml)


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  • 00% Natural and High Quality
  • Item name: Tea Tree Essence Oil
  • Net Weight : 10ml
  • Main ingredient : 100% natural tea tree extract
  • Effect : The new high-concentration active formula can effectively promote skin collagen production, whitening, moisturizing,diminishing spots, Anti-inflammatory and anti-acne,removing acne, reducing pores, smoothing fine lines, strengthening the stratum corneum, preventing skin damage and restoring its hydration and brightness.

Multiple uses :

  • (1)Face Care
  • 1-3 drops into the foam cleanser, water, milk, cream, facial mask etc in the mix to use
  • (2)Hair Care
  • 5 drops into the water to wash your hair, or drop into the shampoo and conditioner used in, or directly to massage the scalp
  • (3)Bady Care
  • Bubble bath, bath, or feet, etc
  • (4)Environmental Care
  • It can be as perfume spray in the environment.

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Aiken 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil (10ml)
Aiken 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil (10ml)


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